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Jamaal Pope self portrait


Yahoohoooo! ​ Welcome, my beautiful Brothers and Sisters, fellow Radiators of Love. My name is Jamaal Pope, AKA Jay Fenixx, and I have been studying astrology/tarot/and esoteric arts for nearly a decade, obsessed with the stars and night sky since childhood. My journey has been full of emotional/mental/and spiritual heights and lows, giving me a unique insight into this world and all it has to offer. These experiences have equipped me with a deeper empathy for those I come in contact with, as I see everyone as Sparks of the Divine. Having conducted many readings over the years, I have as uncanny ability to cut through the fluff and get to the deepest lessons the Universe wishes you to know, all the while maintaining a joyful and positive outlook. 

All About Me

Jamaal Pope was born in Lawrenceville, GA in November of 1991. A sun in Scorpio in the 12th house, Pisces moon in the 4th, and Sagittarius Rising, Jamaal is most certainly an empathic starseed. From an early age, Jamaal has experienced vivid dreams that evolved into him having the ability to lucid dream and astral project in early childhood. One of the first dreams he can remember was him coming to Earth in a rocket ship.

Jamaal worked for his family business from a young age, which taught him the meaning of hard work and dedication, although like many people who come from similar backgrounds, he didn't fully appreciate all of the lessons that came with working for a family business until he was older. The core tenants of his current philosophy in life revolve around Integrity and Personal Responsibility. He strives every day to uphold these tenants. 

Besides being an Astro nerd, Jamaal is a massive nerd in general. He enjoys playing video games, wants to become a Pokemon Master, and enjoys watching anime. He is also an avid writer, having discovered that passion in the 4th grade. One of his goals is to create his own Media Empire that rivals the likes of Marvel. His other passion is helping people on their wellness journeys, especially mentally, as he has dealt with serious bouts of anxiety over the last 5 years. In 2022, he came to the realization that he does not have anxiety, but experiences anxiety. This realization shifted the course of his Life forever, and now, he seeks to help others attain greater wellness overall. 





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